Video game creators will be pleased to hear that the WebGL PlayCanvas Engine has been open-sourced. Mozilla announced the move today on its developer blog and you can access the entire engine sourcebase right now over on GitHub.

The engine includes a full Javascript library tailored for video game development, with implementations for various graphics, physics, animation and audio-related components. The combination of HTML5 and WebGL makes it a popular choice for building 3D games that run in the browser and on mobile.

screen 730x461 PlayCanvas takes its WebGL video game engine open source

To get an idea of the engine’s capabilities, be sure to check out the rather impressive Swooop video game in your preferred browser. Earlier this week, Apple announced WebGL support for Safari at its WWDC conference – giving developers yet another platform to take advantage of.

PlayCanvas [via Mozilla Hacks]

Image Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images