Ghost pitched its open-source blogging platform on Kickstarter exactly one year ago and today, company founder John O’Nolan has detailed what’s next in the pipeline.

In a blog post, he said the non-profit would be adding support for multiple users, third-party extensions and integrations. The team will also be adding a one-click upgrade system for its premium Ghost(Pro) service, as well as a simpler import process from other blog platforms.

Over the next 12 months, Ghost will receive a new dashboard for accessing analytics and other administrative tools, as well as a new API which “massively opens up the potential for developers to build on top of Ghost.”

Ghost launched publicly six months ago and now 160,000 registered users. Ghost(Pro) was released two months later and now has 2,300 subscribers, creating “slightly over $175,000” in annual revenue.

A Year to the Day

Image Credit: Shutterstock