Designing a typeface is a wildly difficult process, and to actually come out at the end with something attractive takes an extreme amount of skill and patience.

typerelease reasonably small The 24 most beautiful typefaces released last monthType design may not be for everyone, but typography is, and nearly every designer works with it daily. This is why Type Release creator Sean Mitchell is here to share with you another list of gorgeous typefaces, all of which were released last month. See his findings, only on TNW:

Commercial Type: Dala Moadala-moa

Originally inspired by worn gravestone lettering and lettering on shipping crates, the elegance of the forms belies their everyday origins.


Thinkdust: Nanaminanami

A brand new Japanese-inspired type family.


Lián Types: Brandbrand

A really soft chancery cursive turned into a script.


Incubator: Sharp Sanssharp-sans

Injects some much needed humanism into the Futura model.


Dada Studio: Clavoclavo

It’s warmth comes from subtle details, classical proportions and traditional forms.


Sudtipos: Rolling Penrolling-pen

Rolling Pen runneth over with alternates, swashes, ligatures, and other techy perks.


Type Together: Bree Serifbree-serif

A young and energetic upright italic.


Corradine Fonts: Alianzaalianza

A complex typographic system which includes three different but complementary styles.


OurType: Remoremo

Warmth and good humour, with italics that are nothing less than sunny and delightful.


Kostic: Bicyclettebicyclette

Carefully balanced between gentle curves and sharp angles.


Tipografies: Bulo Roundedbulo-rounded

A smooth effect that brings a warm feeling.


Suitcase Type Foundry: Ladislavladislav

A tribute to the typography of Ladislav Sutnar.


Typetanic: Transat Texttransat-text

A geometric sans-serif, easy to read at small sizes, but also performs admirably in larger display settings.


Underware: Sauna Monosauna-mono

A monospaced typeface with an unusual flair.


Wordshape: Cerncern

40 weights of neutral, yet formally nuanced grotesk typefaces.


Lost Type Co-op: Klinic Slabklinic

A workhorse that marries personality and functionality.


Talbot Type: Kroppen Roundkroppen-round

A geometric, stencil-style font.


Exljbris: Tensotenso

A sans-serif with character.


Optimo: Px Groteskpx-grotesk

When pixels become curves.


Art. Lebedev Studio: ALS Malinaals-malina

A plump, sweet tempered display typeface.


Hamilton Wood Type Foundry: HWT Geometricgeometric

A curious angled wood type in 6 styles.


Delve Fonts: Sketchnotesketchnote

When a handcrafted aesthetic and ease-of-use are desired.


Colophon: Lisbonlisbon

A geometric stencil typeface based on an original metal stencil.


Alphabet Soup: Dark Angeldark-angel

A completely new take on the traditional blackletter font style.


Resistenza: Starburststarburst

A gestural light script.


Matt Waymouth: Onehunga Sansonehunga-sans

Crafted to reflect the charming inconsistencies and unique aspects of hand-painted type, in a bold, all-caps package.


Stiggy & Sands: Carioca Scriptcarioca-script

A signature script that is both elegant yet slightly bouncy and truly sings.


Atipo: Salomésalome

A unique and flavorful design.


Insigne: Le Havre Titlingle-havre-titling

A fresh, fashionable take on classical forms.


Moretype: Hylahyla

Big, bold, playful, geometric, fun, modern, friendly, jolly, experimental and free.


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