Created by Brendan Stromberger and integrated with the well-loved Lettering.js plugin, Kern.js is a genius bookmarklet that puts designers back in control of their site’s typography.

If you’ve every felt the need to adjust your site’s kerning, line-height or letter placement, you’re going to want to check this bookmarklet out.

Web type is only now starting it reach its potential as a forum for typographic expression. In the past, services like Typekit and Google Web Fonts have helped drive this trend further, but now adjusting finer details like letter spacing are also within reach.

Kern.js’ tools

Kern.js takes advantage of Lettering.js, but simplifies the implementation process so you can make visual adjustments directly on top of your live site. To use it, simply drag the bookmarklet to your browser, activate it on the page you’re refining, click a letter and start tweaking. Once you’re done, simply click the check mark and copy the CSS styles. That’s all.

To learn more about Kern.js’ development, check out the project’s GitHub page. Otherwise, click the link below and get to work!

➤ Kern.js via Typophile & Silvia

Featured image: InvernoDreaming