No this isn’t an upcoming reality TV show and yes there is value in it.

Launched by London-based creative agency, Sane & AbleCreative Swap is an initiative to help designers become re-inspired by new ways of thinking and problem solving. It’s a solution for unbroken routines that tend to restrict creativity, which normally can only be resolved by a career change.

Now, instead of having to leave your work to mingle with fresh minds, this September (from 24-28) Creative Swap is occurring across the UK to transplant talent from one agency to another for a week.

According to Sane & Able founder Alan Long:

People work for the same companies for years and they get used to solving problems a certain way as well as applying the same processes, therefore idea development can become limited and somewhat stale.

Of course, this project is not without its potential issues. It’s likely that many firms will be cautious about revealing company secrets and strategies and may even fear talent poaching, but according to Design Week, the program’s terms and conditions (that all participants must sign) resolve some of these problems.

More than anything else, bringing in fresh eyes can always reveal new and innovative solutions. This is why Creative Swap sounds like both an entertaining and productive concept.

If you’re in the UK, check out the site via the link below to apply:

➤ Creative Swap