Created by the folks at Chaos Collective, “Space” is an internal project that takes social coding to the next level with a real-time collaborative editor baked right into your browser. Right now, we’ve only seen the tool in use and haven’t played with it ourselves, but boy does it look impressive.

Here’s the interesting part: since Space is an internal project, the creators are trying to decide how to share it with the public. They company is asking if they should open source the entire project, or if they should build, maintain and support it as a full-on service.

Though this angle is part publicity stunt, it’s also an honest and interesting approach to sharing a creation with the world. This way, so long as enough people vote, an open source project will exist only if that’s actually what potential users want. Check out the video below (watch in HD here) and try to tell us you’re not at least Space-curious.

According to the creators, Space is built on NodeJS and still needs a bit more work before it can be released. If you’re enticed, however, the best thing you can do is vote for how you want it to evolve (open source, or as a service) via the link below:

➤ Space

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