If you’re an entertainment junkie, you surely must have visited IMDb.com several times. It’s an excellent one-stop resource for all your movie and TV information, schedules, trailers, quotes and whatnot but one of the major criticisms most users have about the site is its overloaded design.

Here’s an interesting redesign concept by web designer Vladimir Kudinov on Behance that illustrates what a completely finessed IMDb — all clean and sleek — could look like, with a bit of an extra: options to stream on Netflix or purchase at Amazon.

The grid design works beautifully as it highlights the most important information within the page in one glance. I’m personally not a huge fan of the color palette used, since I have been accustomed to IMDb’s black and gold color scheme; however, the overall concept definitely makes a lot of sense.

721e9f96b531f81f961e7ea4c02e35d8 568x826 Heres what a redesigned IMDB might look like4a6253bf055de5cbeadb432be6c5b89c Heres what a redesigned IMDB might look like

Check out more screenshots below: