Programming Praxis is a website that publishes a programming puzzle each week to help developers keep their development and problem solving skills sharp.

Developers often fall into ruts in their jobs, focusing on a narrow specialty skill set — perhaps its search engineering or front-end JavaScript — and the goal as stated by the site’s owners is to help those programmers maintain their ability to think through and solve programming problems that fall outside their specialty.

Computer programming, like any creative activity, demands constant study and practice. Vladimir Horowitz practiced the études of Chopin every night, after he performed a concert, to maintain his skills for the next performance. Tiger Woods drives a thousand balls on the driving range, every day. Pablo Picasso sketched a bull ten times before the eleventh bull was right. This blog publishes new programming exercises weekly, at least, so that savvy programmers can maintain their skills by working the exercises and thinking outside their normal skill set, whatever that is.

Well worth a look, whether you’re looking for a fun challenge or you’re desperate to get out of a rut.