DesignCrowd, the global marketplace for outsourcing design work, is beefing up its business after it acquired Worth1000, a creative contest site with 600,000 registered users, in an undisclosed deal.

While DesignCrowd hasn’t revealed its total registered user numbers (though it claims to have 182,000 registered designers), it says the migration of Worth1000 users is now under way and will “significantly” increase the DesignCrowed user base once completed over the coming weeks.

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US sales account for more 40 percent of the Australian company’s revenue, and it has increased its focused on North America over the past year. “You can now reach more creative talent through DesignCrowd than if you knocked on the door of every design agency in the US, Australia and the UK combined,” DesignCrowd COO Chris McNamara said in a statement.

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Thumbnail image via Marjan Veljanoski / Shutterstock