Whatever your feelings are about Big Blue — does anyone have feelings about IBM these days? — if you love design, you will flip out over Sue Murphy’s Good Design is Good Business site, a repository of the most eye-popping art created for the company spanning the 1960s to the present.

Some works are readily identifiable corporate productions, while others are simply gorgeous abstract art. All posters are high-resolution and suitable for printing.

A self described “design nerd,” Murphy is currently the art director at the ad agency Ogilvy & Mather for the IBM account. “This is a little spot where I’m saving some beautiful IBM work I come across in the form of hi-res posters,” she says in her blog.

Paul Rand for IBM

Head on over to view the collection as thumbnails. As you mouse over each one, a description of the campaign it was used for pops up. You’ll find classic works by Paul Rand, creations by Carl DeTorresa colorful series of icons from IBM’s 2009 Smarter Planet campaign and more.

The collection also includes some cool recent works, derived from the aesthetic of the older ones.

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