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Microsoft releases Lab of Things, a new research platform to support real-world data in the cloud


Gates name-checks Microsoft Bob, calls the former product 'premature' for its time


Nokia's inexpensive Lumia 520 is now the most popular global Window Phone handset


Homejoy Takes its On-Demand Cleaning Service to Canada

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Austria, Portugal, and the UK win Imagine Cup 2013, taking down $50,000 each

Yahoo And Microsoft Agree To Search Deal

Ballmer Pulls the Trigger on Microsoft's Massive Shake-Up


The Lumia 520 is Reportedly the Most Popular Windows Phone

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Doctor Who's Matt Smith on Nokia, life, Surface RT, and why he doesn't use Twitter

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Inside Imagine Cup, Microsoft’s feeder program for future entrepreneurs

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Exitround Reveals First Exit, 200 Buyers, And 'Industry Council'

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Dispatches from St. Petersburg: The first day of Microsoft's Imagine Cup finals

Yahoo And Microsoft Agree To Search Deal

Microsoft brings the Office Store to 22 new markets and adds intelligence tool Power BI to Office 365