Youku Tudou, which is often viewed as a Chinese version of YouTube, has revealed that its mobile daily video views have surpassed 400 million. What’s more, the revenue earned from mobile sources has passed 30 percent of Youku Tudou’s total sales to date.

For comparison’s sake, YouTube says that over six billion hours of video are watched each month on its platform, with mobile making up almost 40 percent of the global watch time.

Youku Tudou is China’s largest online video site with more than 450 million users, formed after a billion dollar merger in 2012. With more people in China skipping the desktop experience and coming online via their smartphones, the video site has been invested in increasing the quality of their videos on mobile. Last year, it announced a collaboration with chip giant Qualcomm, which would allow viewers access to higher quality videos on the site when using most devices powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

The video site says that it intends to use recent funding from e-commerce giant Alibaba, which sunk $1.2 billion into it last month, to quicken the pace of its “expansion into new business opportunities.” It didn’t elaborate further, but Youku Tudou recently unveiled a platform to let fans connect directly with celebrities, and we can probably expect to see more of such initiatives that seek to deepen engagement with its users.

Image Credit: Spencer Platt / Getty Images