Red-hot Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has hit another milestone today — it announced that its MIUI app store has hit 1 billion downloads in just over one year’s time, or 391 days to be exact.

Xiaomi has its own highly customizable Android-based MIUI firmware which its devices are built on, and in turn plenty of apps have been created for the operating system by developers. Since Xiaomi launched its app store, it has gained over 17 million active users and chalked up 1.3 million daily searches as well as 5 million daily downloads, and is now ranked number 5 among the more than 200 different app stores in China.

The MIUI app store comes pre-installed on Xiaomi devices, and 70 percent of Xiaomi smartphone users download their apps via this app store. Given that Xiaomi already sold 7.03 million devices in the first half of this year, just shy of the 7.19 million units it sold during the whole of 2012, its app store is set to grow even more rapidly in tandem with increased sales of its devices.

Headline image via Xiaomi