Flickr may already have a Chinese version for its Taiwanese users, but it is now pushing its presence further in Taiwan by collaborating with the island’s tourism bureau.

In a blog post, Flickr notes that there will be more opportunities for local photos to be showcased on Yahoo’s various platforms. Its first local partnership is with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, which has a Flickr page. All Flickr says is that these photos will be presented to “the world”, but it does not go into specific details on how exactly that will work out. The photo site is even setting up a customer service center in Taiwan for users to get immediate help when necessary.

According to a report from The China Post, Flickr is hoping for greater exposure in the Taiwanese market considering that there is a growing number of users sharing digital photos on the Internet. Markus Spiering, the head of product at Flickr, said that the number of such photo-sharers in Taiwan is expected to hit 12 million this year. A Taipei Times report noted that Taiwan was ranked as the eighth-most tagged country in all of Flickr’s photos.

Flickr blog post (link in Chinese)

Image Credit: Emmnuael Dunand via AFP/Getty Images