Pingdom’s broadband speed report reveals Asia is both at the top and bottom of the spectrum

Pingdom’s broadband speed report reveals Asia is both at the top and bottom of the spectrum

Website monitoring service Pingdom has  released a report on Internet speeds around the world with a focus on the top five.

It’s probably not surprising to learn that three out of the top five are countries in Asia, after all, who has not lusted after the kinds of speeds that would make uploads happen in the blink of an eye?

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If you’d really like to stoke your envy, Hong Kong came top of the list with 54.1 Mbps. Don’t test your speeds now, we don’t want to make you cry.

More interestingly, although Asian countries top the charts, they also have some of the slowest speeds too. Pingdom has taken a closer look at the stats and considering the median speed, Asia has the largest distribution of Internet speeds on any continent and the lowest number of all continents apart from Africa.

world distribution pingdom

In contrast, Europe, Africa, South America and the Pacific have a more even spread and thus they are closer to the middle on median and average.

The numbers come from the quarterly State of the Internet report by Akamai. Pingdom did more of the math and describes its modeling techniques on its site.

It looks as though hankering after South Korean speeds or those found in Hong Kong is one thing, but if you do decide to visit Asia for the broadband, make sure you stay in an area where you’re more likely to be on the right end of the spectrum.

Image Credit: ironypoisoning / Flickr – Graphic – Pingdom

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