Sony to begin restoring PlayStation Network in Japan, rest of Asia

Sony to begin restoring PlayStation Network in Japan, rest of Asia

Sony has said it will start to restore parts of its PlayStation Network in Asia, including Japan, on Saturday, beginning a process that has taken over a month to initiate since the platform was taken offline as a result of a massive security breach that affected millions of users across the world.

With restoration of such services already underway in a number of different regions, users within Asia were last to see online functionality return to their PlayStation consoles. In Japan, services would not be returned until it was deemed that the service was no longer a risk to gamers in the country but as the network returns, all users will also be offered a new identity protection service from the electronics giant.

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Despite the fixes on the PlayStation Network, Sony has suffered attacks on its web properties, with portals in Japan, Greece and Thailand all targeted. Whilst the number of sensitive data leaks were kept to a minimum, the hacks have proved embarrassing for Sony.

Yesterday, Sony said it hoped to get all of its PlayStation Network services by the end of May, with any delays being no more than a few days.

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