$1 Million Bounty for Re-creating and Solving Toyota Accelerator Problem

$1 Million Bounty for Re-creating and Solving Toyota Accelerator Problem

Edmunds offers $1 Million bountyToyota has had a lot of bad news recently, with unintended acceleration of cars, recalls, and congress hearings. Edmunds CEO is only bringing more attention to the issue by offering a bounty.

Jeremy Anwyl, the CEO of car price comparison site Edmunds.com has announced an offer of a $1 Million bounty in order to better understand and surface the problem, and to also find a solution to help the Toyota car-driving public.

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The CEO said, anyone who can reliably “re-create unintended acceleration in a car and then solve that problem and prove the whole thing” may receive the reward. The Edmunds company says any findings will be shared publicly.

The LA Times reports that the details on how to receive the bounty will be worked out by next month.

To share information of the Toyota recalls and the current issues of unintended acceleration in some models Jim Lentz, President of Toyota USA, appeared for a Q&A on Revision3’s DiggDialogg.

Source: IEEE Risk Factor Blog

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