Splice Beatmaker lets you make tunes straight from your browser

Splice Beatmaker lets you make tunes straight from your browser

Splice just launched a handy Web-based Beatmaker tool that enables users to easily crank out beats and try out samples from the massive Splice Sounds sample library.

The Beatmaker comes with a stylish loop sequencer as well as a nifty feature to adjust and test out various tempos (or BPM frequencies). The tool also offers eight different instruments that users can pre-load with over 850,000 royalty-free samples from the Splice Sounds library.


The tool isn’t for professionals, but instead caters to “people of all skill levels can enjoy,” says co-founder Steve Martocci. While seasoned producers can now swiftly browse samples and test them in various patterns before downloading, newbies can get a quick jump into producing by playing around with different sounds and rhythms.

“Education is a massive challenge in making music, we’re exploring how samples and loops can onboard people into their musical journey. It’s a big long term goal,” Martocci continues.

The Beatmaker is currently featured on Product Hunt and users are already having fun with it.

You can starting making your own beats here.

➀ Splice Beatmaker [via Product Hunt]

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