Instagram has added two-factor authentication to keep your account extra safe

Instagram has added two-factor authentication to keep your account extra safe

Getting your social media accounts hacked sucks, so it’s about time Instagram upped its security. Good new though: the network confirmed to TechCrunch it is finally adding the option for two-factor authentication.

Two-factor log-ins add level of security beyond your standard password – it requires an additional piece of information to verify it’s actually you. As with other implementations, Instagram uses your phone to provide that extra layer.

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Once you link a phone number to your account, the app will send you a text with an identification code next time you log in. As it’s much harder for someone to steal your password and your phone, your account is much better protected against potential miscreants.

On the other hand, you’ll have to be sure to keep your phone around you, which shouldn’t be a big problem given most Instagram posts are done through smartphones. If anything, that makes it more surprising two-factor has taken so long to arrive.

The update is beginning to roll out now, and to be clear, it remains optional. Still, it’s a welcome addition for the more security minded out there, and will surely be a relief for popular users more prone to having their accounts hacked.

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