Droplr’s screenshotting app for Slack takes the pain out of sharing

Droplr’s screenshotting app for Slack takes the pain out of sharing

File and screenshot-sharing service Droplr has announced a new desktop app today that makes it easier for Slack users to share items with other users.

The new app – called Screenbot – not only lets you share screenshots by plugging into the Slack API (a little like Snip and Share for Chrome), along with annotations, screencasts or an entire Web page too.

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Once you’ve selected what to share, you just select which Slack channel or person you’d like to send it to.

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As with many tools, Screenbot was borne out of necessity – the company simply realized how many screenshots it was sharing on Slack each day, so built a tool to ease the process. With good feedback from beta testers, it has decided to now open it up to all.


Like Droplr’s main sharing service, Screenbot has a free tier that limits the number of shares each month and a $5 per month subscription that opens up unlimited sharing, custom themes and domains, and privacy settings for sensitive data.

Right now there’s only a Mac version, but a Windows build is on the way.

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