You might soon be able to subscribe to your favorite channels on Snapchat

You might soon be able to subscribe to your favorite channels on Snapchat
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One of the biggest questions for Snapchat is whether it’s all just a bit pointless if everyone is flinging content into space, only for it to disappear almost straight away.

Brands, whether creating content or buying ads, have likewise been finding it difficult to understand exactly how they make the platform work for them.

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Well it looks like Snapchat may be about to release an update to its app that changes that, offering you the opportunity to subscribe to your favorite media channels on Discover, so you can find content from them more easily.

According to sources speaking to Re/code, as soon as this May, channels from the likes of Vice, ESPN and CNN will all be more be made visual and searching for them will become more user-friendly.

Of course, for publishers this will give them more of an idea of how many people are actually following what they’re doing.

Hopefully what would come next is an easier way to find and ‘subscribe’ to other users whose Stories you find particularly interesting.

We’ve contacted Snapchat and will update the story when we hear back.

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