Soundnode is the SoundCloud desktop app you’ve been waiting for

Soundnode is the SoundCloud desktop app you’ve been waiting for
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SoundCloud is my go-to music service for finding new tracks, but the fact that it has to live in my browser and not on my desktop like Spotify means that I use it less than I’d like to.

Thankfully, Michael Lancaster, a Chicago based developer, has built the SoundCloud desktop app we’ve all been waiting for, to bring the service natively to your Windows, Mac or Linux desktop.

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Soundnode is a Node.js and Angular-based desktop app that looks great and feels like a fully-native desktop app, complete with keyboard shortcuts and full Soundcloud features.

It’s got everything you’d expect from an official Soundcloud-made app, which leaves me wondering why Soundcloud didn’t build an app like this already — it certainly needs one to replace Spotify as my casual listening service.

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Even better, Soundnode is fully open source so you’re able to grab the full source, tweak it and contribute back to the project if you’re so inclined.

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