Spotify’s new playlist targeting means brands can tailor ads based on your mood

Spotify’s new playlist targeting means brands can tailor ads based on your mood

Spotify announced today that it is launching a new form of ad targeting for brands which will allow them to use the context of what you’re doing while listening to music in order to target you with tailored ads.

For example, if you are listening to a workout playlist, you would most likely get ads about health and fitness rather than chocolate.

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The company is able to do this by using its own data combined with that of The Echo Nest, the music analytics company it acquired last year.

Spotify hosts 1.5 billion playlists with over 60 million active monthly users – approximately 45 million people are availing of the free version so it is these people who will be the targets of the ads.

The new service will go live from May 1, and to begin with, brands will be able to target 15 chosen activities and moods (e.g. workout, party, chill).

Spotify boasts a whole suite of tailoring options for brands and marketers, which isn’t always the most pleasant thing for users to experience, but the new update means that you can now be targeted by your age, location, gender, language, what, when and how you’re listening to music, as well as what mood you’re in or what you’re doing while listening.

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