Katch uploads any Meerkat stream to YouTube with a simple hashtag

Katch uploads any Meerkat stream to YouTube with a simple hashtag

Meerkat, the app that makes it easy to stream live video to Twitter, lacks one major feature: the ability to quickly upload the video of the stream for watching after it’s over.

Katch solves this problem; all you have to do is use the hashtag #katch in the title or comments of any stream and it’ll automatically create a YouTube video and post it into the comments. Once the stream is over, Katch will tweet out the link to your video.

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You can of course save your stream in Meerkat, but then you’d need to manually upload it yourself. It’s an awesome little hack that makes it easy to quickly re-share your stream after it’s over.

One of the problems with Katch is that you can send the hashtag in any stream and it’ll be uploaded, which may upset some people. I personally enjoy Meerkat because it’s ephemeral and the stream isn’t automatically kept, so it’ll be interesting to see if this sticks around for long.

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