Accommodation-booking platform HotelTonight has today added two new features designed to help fill empty rooms at hotels, while delivering additional discounts to customers.

The new Rate Drop feature offers special same-day rates that appear for nearby hotels after 3pm, while the Bonus Rate option can be used up to seven days in advance of your booking. Bonus Rate is available now in “select cities,” the company said, while Rate Drop is available globally from today. HotelTonight said the new features will result in prices up to 40 percent lower than the regular cost.

Offering discounts to lure in new customers is a smart move, both for the participating hotels and the platform as a whole, but with a world of competition out there, HotelTonight will need to keep adding features and refining its platform if it wants to stay relevant.

➤  Bonus Rate and Rate Drop – Two New Ways To Score Even Better Deals on HT [HotelTonight]