Quickie makes mobile conversations disappear, just like in real life

Quickie makes mobile conversations disappear, just like in real life

A new app called Quickie, from the developers behind email app Hop, aims to make mobile conversations just like real life by sending messages as soon as they’re created and deleting them as soon as they’re read.

appThe app is touted as a “live messaging app for the next generation” and it keeps it dead simple. Add up to eight of your close friends, then you can send quick messages, GIFs from your camera, voice messages, or drawings.

Quickie’s sheer simplicity reminds me of how single-purpose apps like Yo quickly gained popularity; the friction to actually sending a message is completely gone. You just write and send.

When testing the app with co-founder Erez Pilosof, I was surprised by just how rapidly you could have a conversation using Quickie with GIFs and text.

doggyI think Quickie’s style of messaging could catch on with teens in particular, who love quick apps that don’t remember everything they’ve said.

Messages in Quickie are ephemeral; once you’ve seen them once, they’re gone forever. If you don’t check it for 24 hours, they’ll also be automatically deleted.

Quickie is available for free for Android and iOS.

➀ Quickie [iOS / Android]

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