Facebook now automatically makes your photos better

Facebook now automatically makes your photos better

Robots are better at basically everything, right? Facebook seems to think so and has a new feature released today that automatically enhances the photos you upload to the social network.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 9.19.01 amMost people need help with their photos, so Facebook’s new tool automatically improves a photo’s brightness and attempts to make it look clearer without any input from you.

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Facebook is so sure that you’ll prefer its enhancements that you’ll need to tap the wand every time you start to post a photo to stop the network from “improving” your images if you don’t like them.

The new feature became available today, but there wasn’t a new update in the App Store. It’s not anything quite as magical as Google+ auto-awesome feature, but might make there be a few less terrible shots.

You can disable the new automatic improvements in the app’s settings under Video and Photos if you’d prefer to have control over when photos are improved.


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Update: Facebook let us know that you can disable the functionality if you’d prefer it didn’t automatically improve your photos.

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