While Uber and Lyft fight about their driver recruitment methods, Sidecar has managed to get authorization to offer rides to SFO.

Today SFO (San Francisco International Airport) granted the ride-sharing service a permit to resume rides to SFO. Sidecar will start taking customers to the airport within 30 days. The permit is part of an extended pilot program to study traffic congestion.

While regular rides are permitted, Sidecar’s Shared Rides will not be allowed at the airport. The CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) contends that shared rides from Sidecar, Uber and Lyft are illegal, something all three companies have insisted are legal.

Today’s news could be a huge boost for Sidecar in the Bay Area. By being the only ride-sharing service able to get you to your flight, Sidecar has the potential to gain new customers unhappy with taxis.

➤ Sidecar and SFO Reach Milestone Agreement [Sidecar]

Image credit: Shutterstock