Back in June, eBay announced that it would shut down its Svpply social shopping site as of August 31. Avid calendar-watchers will note that this is tomorrow. If you’re going to miss the site and haven’t taken action yet, rivals Nuji, Fancy and Neeed all let you import your data into their services.

Transferring your data over is a simple case of using Svpply’s export tool followed by Nuji’s importer, Fancy’s Settings page or Neeed’s import script; they’re all relatively close alternatives. If you feel like a little more of a project, there’s even code available to turn your Svpply data into a Tumblr blog.

Meanwhile, Svpply co-founder Ben Pieratt has successfully crowdfunded the launch of his own replacement service, Very Goods. Early testers are expected to get access in November.

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