Say “easy website building tool,” and most tech bloggers’ eyes will glaze over – we get loads pitched to us and there’s often not a lot to choose between them. However, if you’re in the market for a WYSIWYG approach to creating your next website, Jimdo is definitely worth a look.

The Germany-based company has launched a new interface and set of templates this week, and they bring its offering bang up to date with some very modern designs. Each template comes with a number of variations, and the new editor makes tweaking those to your heart’s content a simple process.

Jimdo 730x323 Easy website builder Jimdo has some stylish new looks for your next homepage

Jimdo’s sites don’t have responsive layouts yet (that’s in the works, we’re told), but you can tweak a mobile-specific version of your site to ensure that it fits the needs of your visitors who are on the go.