Conferize, a platform for event organizers and attendees, has today emerged from beta, more than two years after its alpha software first surfaced on our radar.

In that time, there have clearly been a lot of changes, but the most recent and notable additions include a full redesign and rebuild of every page to make it easier for users to discover events, people, attending media and more. While this helps people looking for events to attend, it should also help organizers attract a better attendance at their own.

Conferize As well as gearing the platform more around discovery, the site is also now fully responsive and focused around media content, which can also be found on the new dedicated Media page.

Other new features include ‘Burning Questions‘, which the company said should help to facilitate in-depth discussions on certain topics and an open API for registration partners to directly integrate Conferize, among others.

In the two years since it emerged, the company says it has hosted some 15,000 events with more than 4 million attendees, and has attracted attention from the likes off The Guardian, Angelhack, and TEDx.

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Image credit: Getty Images