The new Foursquare app already has over 15 million user-added ‘Tastes’

The new Foursquare app already has over 15 million user-added ‘Tastes’

In less than 24 hours, the new Foursquare app’s “Tastes” has already acquired over 15 million user-generated recommendation items.

The Tastes feature acts like tags for your personal preferences. If you like tacos, you can search and add a tacos taste to personalize the apps’ business recommendations. Foursquare says that they started with 25,000 tastes at launch.

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t0807_foursqaureThe massive growth is where users decided to add their own unique tastes like Korean tacos or all-night karaoke bar to the app. Once all your Tastes are in the app, when launched it shows places that meet your criteria based on its algorithmic interpretation of your tastes.

Foursquare has shifted its main app from check-ins to discovery with the latest update. Check-ins have now been handed over to the spin-off app Swarm.

➀ After only one day, you’ve added over 15 million tastes [Foursquare]


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