This is just ridiculous. Now Sidecar has announced its own shared rides feature. Like Uber and Lyft, Sidecar’s Shared Rides will match you up with someone heading your direction along your Sidecar’s route.

Sidecar says that riders can save up to 50 percent off a regular fare by sharing a car with a stranger. You know, besides the driver.

While Uber’s UberPool announcement seems a bit dubious since Lyft held a media event earlier in the week, Sidecar says that it has been testing the new service in San Francisco since May. It states that 13,000 customers have requested Shared Rides in that time.

While the idea of sharing your shared-economy taxi with someone you don’t know may seem off putting, according to Sidecar, 75 percent of people who participated in the test thought it was a positive experience. Plus, drivers have the opportunity to make 40 percent more by cramming more people in their car.

Shared Rides is available in San Francisco now and will be available in “all of our markets before the end of the year.”

➤ Shared Rides are here. Shareable Sidecars for 50% Less

Image credit: Shutterstock