File-hosting service MediaFire has updated its Dropbox-style iOS app with a few much-needed features after it first landed on the iPad back in April.

The app finally gets automatic photo and video syncing, which means it will auto-upload your media on the camera roll to the cloud, after which you can access them on the MediaFire desktop app or website. The app also now allows you to share documents and media directly from your mobile device via email or even a messaging app, while introducing improved streaming of your music and video collection from any device.

Along with this latest app update, MediaFire has made permanent a 50 percent discount on all of its paid storage plans, which means you can get 1TB of storage for $2.49 each month, or $24.99 a year. Users still get 10GB of storage for free each month, but you can earn up to 50GB for free. Comparatively, Dropbox starts you off with 2GB of free space, though you can get up to 16GB free via referrals.

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Thumbnail image via Shutterstock