If you’re an event organizer you understand the power of a well designed flier, poster or event page banner. But if you’re not a designer, your stab at creating art usually ends in a mish-mash of fonts and images. Global self-ticketing service Eventbrite and on-demand design service Swiftly want to help solve your design problem.

Now when you create an Eventbrite event, you have the option to have a banner designed for $19 via 99designsSwiftly service. Event organizers can describe what they want on Swiftly’s site and a designer will create the banner in an hour. The finished design will be automatically uploaded to the event page.

For organizers with a limited budget, this is a great way to get artwork for your event page that’ll help it stand out. But if you’re looking for a truly custom or special piece of art for your event, you’re better off hiring a local designer.