Bitcoin fans who had previously been managing their cryptocurrency via an iOS device were dealt a blow when Apple removed what was claimed to be the last remaining Bitcoin wallet app from the iTunes Store.

Blockchain, the two-year-old app that had garnered more than 120,000 users on iOS, was removed without warning. Now, fast-forward a few months and Blockchain’s redesigned app is back on the store and available once again.


“The new Blockchain iOS Wallet marks an important moment for the Bitcoin ecosystem, as the first major Bitcoin company to have its app reinstated in the App Store this year,” the company said in a statement. It added that the wallet had been “rebuilt from the ground up” to improve security and usability.

Perhaps more importantly, its reinstatement on the store might signal a change in attitude from Apple towards cryptocurrency apps, which could be good news for other developers too.

Blockchain [App Store]

Featured Image Credit – Getty Images