The economical, understated writing style of Ernest Hemingway is renowned within the literature world. Now, there’s a Windows and Mac app to help you nail the American author’s approach.

Simply called the Hemingway Editor, this $4.99 app will grade your work for ‘readability’ and is able to identify sentences that are hard to read, contain too many adverbs, or terms that should be simplified.

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The idea received a wealth of attention earlier this year when it launched as a website – you can still use that for free, although the desktop version gives you the ability to save your work, write in Markdown and see a HTML preview side-by-side. The design itself is also clean and distraction-free, taking inspiration from word processors such as Byword and iA Writer.

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Hemingway Editor [via VentureBeat]

Featured image credit: ADALBERTO ROQUE/AFP/Getty Images