More than a year after Tempo AI launched its smart calendar, the iPhone app is today receiving a handful of interesting updates.

Tempo started life at SRI International, the independent non-profit research institute that gave rise to Siri and its travel-related sibling Desti. Tempo understands the context surrounding your event and pulls in not only addresses and directions, but contact information for people you’re meeting, related documents and more.

With the latest release, Tempo is getting natural-language input, which basically means you can now add a new calendar event just by describing it in plain English, for example: “Playing tennis with George next Friday from 2pm”. This is similar to Readdle’s Calendars 5, which introduced natural-language input last year.

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Other features designed to save you time include integration with iOS Reminders, meaning you can add, view and complete tasks with due dates directly from the calendar. And it now also ties in with Waze, the service acquired by Google last year, bringing crowdsourced directions to your planned meetings to help circumvent accidents or roadworks.

In addition to a new design which introduces fresh contextual icons and one-tap actions, Tempo will also now send personalized emails that suggest follow-ups with people, as well as news relating to individuals and companies that may be relevant to what you have coming up in the week ahead.

You can grab the updated Tempo iPhone app now.

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