In the wake of the landmark EU ruling last month stipulating that individuals should have the right to be forgotten by removing outdated information about themselves from search engine results, Google was soon inundated with takedown requests.

While Google eventually launched a takedown form of its own, a new Web-based service called courtesy of France-based online reputation company Reputation VIP promises to simplify this process even more, helping you discover inappropriate links about you in just two clicks.

It says:

“ helps you to easily find all your irrelevant, outdated, or otherwise inappropriate information that is publicly available on Google search results.”

FireShot Screen Capture #205 - 'Forget_me' - forget_me_start_1#choosenegatives

So, while you can already identify links to remove for yourself from the Web, this is more about making it easier for you to do so. It’s free for now, too, though for how long remains to be seen. [via TechCrunch]