Virtual travel assistant WorldMate has released a major update for its Android app that makes the homescreen contextually aware and lets you check into your flights.

Alongside a complete redesign of the app, WorldMate has reworked its home screen to display different cards depending on where you are in the travel process. Upcoming flights will be pinned to the top of the main page so you can instantly see any changes to your itinerary.


The new check-in feature sends you out to the airline’s page and auto-fills relevant information, such as your confirmation code and frequent flyer number. As part of the move to contextualize the app, WorldMate now includes automatic countdown timers for how much time you have left before departures or landing.

The hotel booking feature in WorldMate has also been personalized to adapt to your previous stays and preferred hotel chains.

Carrying our smartphones with us has certainly made it easier to manage boarding passes and itineraries, but many of us are still using awkward solutions like searching our email inboxes. WorldMate’s new context features should add an extra layer of intelligence that will take some of the pain out of traveling.

WorldMate | Google Play