The Terrain Android homescreen utility is built around the idea that opening 10 apps to see what’s going on in the world is a waste a time. Instead, the information you want is only a flick away.

0614_terrain1A beta version of the app is currently available in Google Play. The utility places “cards” that include social networks, RSS feeds, weather and other widget-like items in a drawer that can be accessed with a swipe to the right. A swipe to the left presents an alphabetical all app drawer. An up swipe presents a local search.

At launch there are cards available from Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, CNN, BBC, Esquire, TNW, Etsy  and others. Developers wanting to add a card to Terrain can sign up now for an SDK which will be available in a few weeks. Developers can sign up now.

Terrain cards can be stacked in any order and  you can add as many cards to your homescreen as you like. The App will work on any Android phone running 4.2.2 or later.

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