Twitter Counter launches new Chrome browser plug-in that recommends how to improve your tweets

Twitter Counter launches new Chrome browser plug-in that recommends how to improve your tweets

Twitter Counter, a part of The Next Web family of companies, has released a new Chrome browser plug-in which provide users with at-a-glance information and suggestions designed to improve the performance of tweets.

The plug-in provides users with statistics about individual tweets, as you might expect, but also suggest ways in which your finely-crafted update could have reached more eyeballs – like by embedding an image, for example.

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Quite simply, all you need to do is install the Chrome (a version for Firefox and Safari is in the works) extension and a little icon will appear in your address bar whenever you’re on the platform.


The same egg-shaped icon (next to the trash can icon in the tweet above) will also now appear in-line next to every tweet in your stream, or on tweets that you’ve sent. Hitting this ‘Analyze’ button reveals a drop-down of information about that tweet, which includes things like when it was tweeted, if there are any images, videos or links attached and how well it ranks overall out of 10. It also shows the top three recommendations that would likely improve the reach of that tweet.


If you want more details, you can hit the ‘view all recommendations’ button to drill down in more detail.

It’s a simple tool, and while it doesn’t have the scope or depth of the full Twitter Counter platform, it’s free to use and well-integrated into the Twitter experience. So if you frequently find yourself wondering if your tweets could be performing better, there’s now a few pointers ready and waiting for you whenever they’re needed.

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Featured Image Credit – LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

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