Secret introduces Dens, a private network feature for your work and school

Secret introduces Dens, a private network feature for your work and school

Secret has announced an invite-only beta for its newest on-the-down-low feature, Dens. The latest addition to the app creates a company or school-wide private network of Secret postings.

When an organization creates a Den, anyone within that company or school can create posts that are viewable only to the members of that organization. It’s like having your own Secret club house.

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The Den posts have the name of your organization in the lower-left hand corner where the location or friend indicator currently resides. Secret says that the Den posts are not shareable outside of the app. But, of course a screenshot is all you need to make sure the world knows about the passive-aggressive notes left on your company’s fridge.

To make sure everyone in a Den belongs there, you have to use your company or school email. If you’ve already verified an account with another address, your organization’s email account can be added as a secondary address.

If your company or school is interested in starting its own Den, you can apply to Secret’s beta program by emailing This should be great for companies with less than 10 employees. What could possibly go wrong?

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