Google-owned, crowdsourced navigation app Waze has been updated today with a set of new features which allow football fans to fly the flag for their country for the duration of the competition.

The updated app allows users to register their national side in their profile and proudly display a flag via their avatar to other drivers on the road.


In order to bring a bit of fun into proceedings, Waze has added World Cup-themed collectibles to its roster of ‘road goodies’. So, collecting more footballs along your route will net you more points, which are counted individually and nationally. However, these road goodies will only pop-up while your team is playing a match; as a reminder, you’ll also receive a real-time alert when your team takes to the pitch.

Presumably, countries with a higher number of Waze users are likely to score a higher number of points in the team standings.


It’s a fun little update, which although doesn’t add any core functionality to the app does play to Waze’s core strengths: its community.

Featured Image Credit – Shutterstock