Ride-sharing service Lyft has launched a pilot for a premium version of its service in San Francisco that will see passengers ride in SUVs specially designed by West Coast Customs, the car modding company originally featured in the MTV show Pimp My Ride.

LyftPlusThe Lyft Plus service will use the Ford Explorers, complete with custom grilles, 20-inch sport wheels and under-car LEDs, and they’ll also come kitted out with “special amenities with everything you need to recharge yourself and your devices,” the company said.

Naturally, for the added service, you’ll pay an increased price – around twice as much as a standard Lyft ride, but the company said that Lyft Plus will cost around 20 percent less than Uber Black and around 40 percent less than Uber SUV. The pilot starts today in San Francisco “with more cities following soon”, Lyft said.

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