Finnish game publisher Rovio, best known for its Angry Birds series of games, has launched a new side-scrolling title for iPhone and iPad called Retry on the App Store.

According to Arctic Startup, the game is a product of Rovio’s new Level11 development team and takes inspiration from the popularity of titles like Flappy Bird, which seem to have caused a resurgence in similar 8-bit mobile games.


However, unlike Flappy Bird, you pilot a loop-de-loop plane that you need to successfully navigate through each level without crashing into anything. Just like Flappy Bird, it’s not supposed to be easy, although you can control your speed this time around.  Right now, Retry is only available in Finland, Canada and Poland via the iOS store. A spokesperson told TNW that there was no confirmed time frame for a global launch as yet.

Retry [App Store]

Featured Image Credit – Shutterstock