Google today released a new set of productivity apps to help iPhone and iPad users manage their documents on the go. Google Docs and Sheets are separate standalone mobile apps that will allow users to edit, create, and view files both on and offline. Slides, an app dedicated to presentations, is coming soon, according to the company blog.

The Google Docs app tout features like Recently Edited Files and Autosave so users can continue working where they left off. The Sheets app, as the name suggests, is dedicated to spreadsheets and allows users to edit columns, rows, and collaborate with others even if multiple users are accessing the file at the same time. No more using Google Drive to access the docs, or a Web browser to make edits.

Both Google Docs and Google Sheets are available for free now on the App Store. The Android versions are, of course, also out on the Play Store [Docs, Sheets].

Google Docs and Google Sheets for iOS