Snupps for iOS is a more visual, social way to log and share your physical collections

Snupps for iOS is a more visual, social way to log and share your physical collections

Snupps, a new father-son startup based in London, has launched its iOS app for cataloguing all your worldly possessions today.

Using a visually-led UI, Snupps allows users to keep track of all their possessions, valuables, keepsakes and anything else in Collections stored on virtual shelves.

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As a twist on straight cataloging, there is a social element to the app too; users can follow, comment on or ‘wow’ individual items or collections. Of course, there’s no obligation for your items to be publicly viewable, and items are set to private by default.


While there really is no shortage of functionally similar apps available already, a spokesperson for the company told TNW that it’s the emphasis on imagery and freedom to enter as much or as little information as you’d like that really sets it apart.

“They key difference is that Snupps is for the casual collector rather than the hardcore collector that most other apps cater for,” a spokesman said. “It’s very visual, using mainly images, and doesn’t force you to fill in all of the information about your collection that you don’t need or want.”

Before today, the app was actually available in beta form to garner some early feedback, but it was only available to download for about a week and this was more than six months ago. Today’s release is the official final build.

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