Here’s a little something for your Friday afternoon/evening: A Twitch stream of a robot playing the addicting mobile game Threes set to a Boards of Canada soundtrack. If it wasn’t for those nettlesome deadlines, I could watch this all day.

Walt Destler created the AI code, and developer Matthew Wegner created the robot while procrastinating work on Team Colorblind’s upcoming Aztez game. It looks like the Team Colorblind Twitch stream is normally used for streaming game development, so there’s no telling how long this robot will be around.

The last round I watched ended up with a score of 71,000, but it looks like it has a high score of 200,000.

If you haven’t played Threes (iOS | Android) yet, it’s definitely worth the $1.99. Some of you have probably played the free clone 2048, but let’s be honest here – it’s an inferior game.

(h/t @tim)