Smart keyboard app Fleksy is rolling out version 2.0 for Android today, an update that includes personalization via the cloud, and badges.

With My Fleksy personalization, the company strives to tailor the keyboard’s language algorithm to suit each user’s writing style – data that’s garnered from their emails and social networks. With My Fleksy Cloud, users can now sync this data across multiple Android devices.

As for the new badge system, well, Fleksy is basically trying to make learning the more advanced features of its keyboard app “a more fun and rewarding experience”. For example, users who type using Fleksy’s invisible keyboard can become the ‘Invisible Master’, while ‘Gesture Guru’ is given to those who master its gesture-based typing. These badges also unlock new themes, and can even extend the app’s free trial period.

In other news…

Fleksy is also available on iOS as a standalone app that lets you export your text into other services, including Facebook and Twitter. Back in December, the company announced it was ramping up its presence across the iOS ecosystem by opening the Fleksy SDK to third-party services. Following a brief beta period, it was opened to all last month.

With that in mind, Fleksy is also updating its iOS SDK with eight additional languages and “improved accuracy”. The company says fifty developers have now integrated the keyboard into their own applications.